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Top 5 Ways to To Learn Fishing Effectively

Fishing Effectively

There are countless tips and tricks that you will learn over the course of your fishing career. In fact, this is the universal truth for learning. As the beginner, you learn everything in a particular way, but as days pass you start redefining it by yourself. This is why the value of experience is always high. Everyone walks the same road before they enjoy the sweet days of expertise.

The ride on this road is not always a smooth one. Your eagerness and dedication will determine the smoothness of this journey. There are thousands of tips for fishing, but the following five are selected as the best for effective learning:

  • Learn from an expert.
  • Specialize in one field.
  • Gather the most essential tools.
  • Lots of practice.
  • Hard work with consistency.

How to improve your Fishing Effectiveness

Learn from an expert: If you can manage to learn from an expert then things will come in hand in a very short period of time. Learning is a process that does not necessarily have to be exactly the same for everyone. The practical knowledge of an expert is priceless as he has gathered them over a long period of time. He has encountered situations that you cannot even think about at this stage. You can consider this as the best way to learn fishing effectively because the expert will be able to offer everything you need at the precise time.

Specialize in one field: There are various types of fishing techniques and based on them you will eventually need to change your tools too. For example the kind of fish that you target to catch and the place where you want to fish. If you fish in open water then the set of tools you need to have is different than tools that you need to have for close water like a pond or a lake. The torrent has a lot to decide the behavior of your fishing. Rather than jumping from one field to another, try to learn everything from one field then jump to the other.


Gather the most essential tools: There are a few tools that you need to carry every time you are out for the adventure. Without them you will be half prepared. You can gather extra tools that will strengthen your arsenal, but you cannot afford not having the most essential tools. A strong back pack is also highly suggested because it will help you to keep everything together with the best portability.

Lots of practice: Practice makes a man perfect. I bet that this is not the first time that you have heard this. This is a universal truth. Every day will accumulate some new and helpful knowledge.

Hard work with consistency: There is nothing that is not possible with hard work and consistency. The first few days may not be very pleasing for you. You may often get the opposite result than what you desired. You should not become frustrated by that. Everything will take the perfect shape over time. On top of that you must be patient to get the best result. Follow these steps for at least one month you will notice the change by yourself.

How to Choose a Fishing spinning Reel

fishing spinning reel

The main goal of any tool is to make our works easy. Every custom build tool offers service that is very hard to achieve without it. They reduce our hardship and boost the speed with higher accuracy. The ability to build and use tools have changed the course of human civilization rapidly. In order to wisely choose a fishing spinning reel the most important things to follow are:

  • Careful decision.
  • Consider the body type.
  • size.
  • The gear ratio.
  • Drag system.

Careful decision:

There was a time when people lived with limited resources. They did not have lots of items to choose from. It may sound like a curse for them considering our age with the abundance of resources. Honestly, this abundance has even higher problem than those days. It is not easy to make the right decision while you have a lot to choose from. There is nothing as the best because everything is relative. The definition of best may change based on your custom need. Before choosing your spinning reel take every fact and consider them carefully to make the right decision. There might be something absolutely flawless, but it is not the right fit for your desired action. You can also take help from experienced people.

What a consider when buying fishing spinning reel


Consider the body type:The body type is also known as the housing. It is mainly manufactured with aluminum and graphite. You may also find the hybrid version where both aluminum and graphite are used. Aluminum offers the best strength among them and it is highly recommended too. On the other hand graphite is best suited for salty water. If you want to fish in the sea, then graphite will offer the best service as it takes less damage from salty water. Now make the choice accordingly based on your need.

Size: The size of the spinning reel also has a vital role to play. You need to select the line that you are going to use if you have not made the decision yet. Based on the line you have to select the size for your spinning reel. If the line is light, then it requires a smaller reel. Look for the capacity before you select to buy the spinning reel.

fishing spinning reel

The gear ratio: If you have any fishing experience, then you should understand the importance of your gear ratio. This will increase the accuracy and also the speed of your fishing. The gear ratio is simply the count of how many times the bail rotates around your spool with the single turn of the reel. A higher count will not be the best suit for you, this will also highly depend on your need.

Drag system: The drag allows the best game when the fish is hooked. This offers you the power to play with the fish as you can put pressure and let the line go based on your need. The smoothness of the drag system will ensure your leading position. Otherwise, you may end up losing the fish. Every single part of the tool holds similar value. Make a balanced approach and do not prioritize anything on top of the other. Now you should feel confident to choose a fishing spinning reel.

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How To Set Up A Baitcasting Reel For Smooth Casting

Set Up A Baitcasting Reel

If you are new to fishing then you might be fighting with various problems. It is alright to have problems at the beginning because even experts suffer from problems every now and then. There are few things that you need to know in order to master the art of fishing. Setting up a baitcasting reel is one of the most important things from that category.

With proper technique you can enjoy the smoothest casting without even experiencing the most common problems. With the mention of common problem backlashes should jump right in your mind. During the first few encounters backlashes may keep happening out of nowhere.


There is a solution for every problem. Here is the guided solution for you to set up your baitcasting reel and enjoy the smoothest casting. The most important steps that you need to keep in check are:

  • Choosing the right line
  • Spool tension
  • The brake system
  • Setting the drag

Choosing the right line:

There are various lines to choose from and they all have their own benefits. You should only focus to learn during your early stage of fishing. There will come a time when you can do whatever you want with the skills that you have learnt. Do not try to imitate others while you should only focus to learn every single tip and trick of your passion. The best choice of line during this stage is monofilament.

baitcasting reel(1)(1)

The other types of lines for example fluorocarbon or braid of course has some benefits, but they are not for you yet as they tend to make very dirty backlashes. In order to get rid of the backlash you may need to cut your line to get out of the situation. Cutting the line is not an ideal solution.

Spool tension:

Setting the spool tension is the critical step for your baitcasting reel. Usually manufacturers place it on the same side along with the handle and drag. As the critical stage you need to be more attentive. This step must be repeated every time you need to change the bait. Hold your rod up and place the lure 10-12 inches of the line. After tightening the tension, let the lure fall by pushing the thumb bar. Make adjustment to the tension knob so the lure starts falling down on its own and stops while it lands on something.

The brake system:

There are multiple brake system available for you, but sticking with similar settings will make ease for you. The main two types of brakes are the centrifugal brakes and the magnetic brakes. People tend to grab on the work principles of the magnetic brake system in no time as it has less complexity than the centrifugal system. There is also another brake system that combines these two systems and it is called the hybrid system. The brake system requires some time and practice to get used to it too.

how to setup baitcasting reel

Setting the drag:

This is the final and easiest step for your baitcasting reel. This has a star like shape and turning this forward will tighten the drag and to get the opposite result turn it toward you. Hope the whole process was easier than you expected.

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How to Put Line on a Reel

How to Put Line on a Reel

Putting line on a spinning reel can become a very troublesome work as it has higher tendency to get twisted during the process. So the right guidance can set you free from all the troubles that lies beneath. This task can be divided into few calculated steps like:

  • Choosing the right line.
  • Make the initial knot.
  • Perfect spooling.
  • Extra care.

Choosing the right line:

There are different types of lines to choose from. The three main types of lines are nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon and braids. The braided fishing line is the oldest but is reputed for the strength and durability. Fluorocarbon fishing line has several benefits including its least visibility to fishes. They all offer excellent casting though.

They can be also further categorized on their ability to float. Fluorocarbon fishing line does not float. You should consider those facts before choosing the line for you. The monofilament is the right choice for beginners as the other types can create backlash more often. Hopefully you have made the decision by now and want to perfectly put line on the reel.

Make the initial knot:

First of all you need to make a knot just on the line itself. Then it is time for a simple hand knot on the reel. The earlier knot will strengthen the knot on the reel. You should cut the loose end of the knot so that it does not create any problem in future. Some people prefer to put a small sticker or something to hide the knot under it.

You must make sure that there is enough line to the reel. Shorter line can lead you to a situation where you needed some more for the catch. The balance approach is to keep some unused space on the spool of the reel. Avoiding the full capacity of the spool is somewhat beneficial.

Perfect spooling:

It’s time to wind the line as the initial knot has been made. Hold the tip of the rod with your left hand above the supply spool before starting to wind. There are different approaches to keep the supply spool. You can put it on a flat surface. If it has a hole in the middle of it, then put a pen or pencil in the hole and make someone hold it for you.


You can also attach it to something if nobody is around you. You should try to wind it at a moderate speed. Do not forget to check for twist after a few initial winds are made. The general design of the line has some memory so that it does not twist, but you can mess that up without even knowing.

Extra care:

You should have probably noticed that the supply spool is bigger than the spool on your spinning reel. So the line will tend to form bigger coils than the spool on the reel. There is a solution for this problem too. Open up the spool from the reel when you are done spooling. Put it in water with a temperature just above the room temperature. You do not need to use hot water for this moderation. This step helps the line to adjust their new home better as they used to be in a different condition. That was all you needed to know.

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How To Maintain a Spinning Reel

How To Maintain a Spinning Reel

Maintenance can be the scariest thing of all without proper knowledge and technique, especially something with delicate parts like the spinning reel. One must invest the proper time and energy to understand the best mechanism to perform any task. There is a how to do for every task starting from the easiest to the most complex task. Following the right way will make the task easy and it will also save valuable assets like time. Otherwise, things can appear to be boring and unpleasant even to get started.

Fishing is very entertaining though some people find it extremely addictive too. Addictive or not the amount of pleasure it has to offer is nothing compared to anything else. It offers you to get close to nature and enjoy the wildness all together.

Everything comes with a certain cost and the same is true for fishing too. The best fishing tool provides the best fishing experience. Spinning reel is one of the delicate and most important parts of your fishing tools. A wisely chosen spinning reel has the power to redefine your fishing experience. A brand new tool offers the best services that everyone desires. In order to keep the tool at its best shape you must learn to properly maintain the tool especially something that is complex like the spinning reel. Proper maintenance will enable you to enjoy a brand new fishing reel for many years without any inconvenience and of course it will save you money too.

There are different kinds of spinning reel that you can buy from the market. The minimum knowledge to understand your tool is something you must have. The design does not usually differ much, but every manufacturer has their own design pattern. It also has some basic difference for the water type that it is made for. The salty water build and the normal water build must be treated differently. You should break the whole maintenance into several parts, this will make things easier for you and more meaningful.

  1. Understand your tool.
  2. Gather everything you need.
  3. Invest enough time.
  4. Finish the work at one shot.
  5. The real part.

Spinning Reel Maintenance Made Easy:

Understand Your Tool:

Your spinning reel comes with a manual. It has every single information you need to know about the particular build. You must study about every little part so that you do not face any problem while working with it. This will require patience and dedication but once you are done with the process it will build huge confidence in you for the perfect maintenance of your fishing reel. You may not find it very pleasing to go through the whole manual, but it is certainly worth the effort. Without this effort you may be able to easily dismantle the fishing reel, but find yourself helpless while assembling it. The condition may become worse in case you misplace any part and force to fit it there. This may eventually damage the whole fishing reel without you even realizing the damage. So being precautious here can save a lot of trouble.

How To Maintain a Spinning Reel

Gather Everything You Need:

Before starting the real work you must gather everything essential for the work. This will become a part of the routine after a few times, but during the first few encounters you must follow strict order. This is a short list of items that you must have during the maintenance process:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Tweezers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Lubricants
  • Hot water
  • Soft rags
  • Cotton swabs
  • Brush (a toothbrush will also do)

This is pretty much everything to get started. Once you have gathered them you can start the main part.

Invest Enough Time:

Investing enough time will make sure you have the best standard of the maintenance work. If you rush through the process, then it will not only hamper the quality of your work, but also include the risk of damaging your spinning reel. During the assembling part take more time to ensure the best result.

Finish The Work at One Shot:

Human beings are created in a way to focus on a single task and perform it properly but we all believe that we can multitask. Multitasking slows the process of the works that we engage ourselves and also sacrifices the quality of the work. Liberate yourself from the wrong idea of multitasking and focus in a single task. Make sure you are not distracted during the process and complete the task at one sitting. Multiple sitting may lead you in such situation where you do not remember the state of your work and mess the whole thing up. You must avoid this mess at any cost.

The Real Part:

It is time to get your hands dirty and do the real work. The above mentioned steps are equally important because they will make sure you do everything right in this part.  So do not let the name of this step confuse you. This step can be further broken down into three main steps like dismantling, cleaning and assembling the spinning reel. You must ensure the perfect amount of concentration while doing these steps. During the dismantling session make sure you do not lose any part. Make a list or an order to keep the parts in front of you. This will keep every little parts in check and guarantee that you do not end up losing them or misplacing them while finishing up the work.


After properly dismantling the spinning reel start the cleaning part.Clean the whole thing thoroughly to get the best result. Apply your knowledge while cleaning the fishing reel. The design of the fishing reel ensures that no metal parts touches each other. They are designed to touch fabrics and this design increases the lifetime of the product. Use custom lubricants while cleaning the gear and the bearings. Clean them one by one.

Do not use any harmful substance while cleaning it, for example gasoline. This will gradually damage the whole thing that you don’t intend to do at all. Finally, it is time to put everything back together. If you have done everything as instructed, then this will just be a piece of cake for you. That was everything you needed to know to enjoy your spinning reel just like a brand new one and of course to use it for an extended long period of time.

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Complete list of Best Spinning Reel Brands

Best Spinning reel

Here at TopSpinningReels we strive to bring you the most in-depth reviews of the spinning reels and fishing accessories from around the globe. Whether you are a casual or professional angler, you needs to get the best spinning reels for perfect enjoyment of fishing. As part of that effort we reviewed the top brands here.  The environment you in fish will probably suite a different set of spinning reel brands.There are some other factors such as ease of use, durability, and price, this factors are also take into account to choose Best Spinning reel brands.

If you are into saltwater angling, a set of ice water reel brands will not fulfill your needs. The same is true for freshwater fishing, fly-fishing, bass fishing, inshore fishing, bait-casting, or if you are like me, left-handed fishing reels. When you are dealing with much bigger fish then you need something different from regular spinning reels. The kind of fishing you are interested in will determine the Best spinning reel brands you’ll want to buy. After all of this an angler needs to concern about some other factors to choose top spinning reels brand, Reel Body, Reel Size, Reel Gear Ratio, Drag System on a Spinning Reel, Ball Bearings, Spools on a Spinning Reel are important factor to choose the perfect brand and model.

Choosing a best spinning reel may seem like a tough decision, here it’s a vital piece of information that will help you make sense of the myriad of reel brand choices out there on the web. Purchase the best Fishing reel that matches with your environment and budget, and it will be your best friend.  Buying the wrong reel type for your fishing environment will not only waste your money, but ruin your fishing experience as well; and we, here at TopSpinningReels, aren’t going let that happen if we can help it. Here we are to make your reel shopping easier, on this page we have compiled a categorized list of the top spinning reel brands based on feedback from anglers and other reviewers worldwide. Hope you like it and find it useful.

Top 10 Best Spinning Reel Brands List

PhotoBrandSpecialist For Buy Now
Abu GarciaFreshwater and Saltwater useBuy on Amazon
DAIWAFreshwater, Saltwater & Fly fishing useBuy on Amazon 
PfluegerFreshwater, Saltwater & Fly Fishing useBuy on Amazon
FIN-NORFreshwater and Saltwater useBuy on Amazon
PENNFreshwater and Saltwater useBuy on Amazon
oKuma Fly Fishing, Freshwater & Saltwater useBuy on Amazon
PiscifunFly Fishing useBuy on Amazon
QuantumFreshwater and Saltwater useBuy on Amazon
SHIMANOFreshwater and Saltwater useBuy on Amazon
KastKingFreshwater and Saltwater useBuy on Amazon
This is by no means a complete list of all reel makers; this list comprises, in our view and that of other reviewers and anglers, of all the best spinning reel brands. If you feel a brand of reels that should be represented here but isn’t, feel free to bring it to our attention. Check out our detailed reviews for specifications. And of course, thanks again for visiting our site.