How To Maintain a Spinning Reel

Maintenance can be the scariest thing of all without proper knowledge and technique. One must invest the proper time and energy to understand the best mechanism to perform any task. There is a how to do for every task starting from the easiest to the most complex task. Following the right way will make the task easy and it will also save valuable assets like time. Otherwise, things can appear to be boring and unpleasant even to get started.

Fishing is very entertaining though some people find it extremely addictive too. Addictive or not the amount of pleasure it has to offer is nothing compared to anything else. It offers you to get close to nature and enjoy the wildness all together.

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Everything comes with a certain cost and the same is true for fishing too. The best fishing tool provides the best fishing experience. Spinning reel is one of the delicate and most important parts of your fishing tools. A wisely chosen spinning reel has the power to redefine your fishing experience. A brand new tool offers the best services that everyone desires. In order to keep the tool at its best shape you must learn to properly maintain the tool especially something that is complex like the spinning reel. Proper maintenance will enable you to enjoy a brand new fishing reel for many years without any inconvenience and of course it will save you money too.


There are different kinds of spinning reel that you can buy from the market. The minimum knowledge to understand your tool is something you must have. The design does not usually differ much, but every manufacturer has their own design pattern. It also has some basic difference for the water type that it is made for. The salty water build and the normal water build must be treated differently. You should break the whole maintenance into several parts, this will make things easier for you and more meaningful.

  1. Understand your tool.
  2. Gather everything you need.
  3. Invest enough time.
  4. Finish the work at one shot.
  5. The real part.

Understand your tool:

Your spinning reel comes with a manual. It has every single information you need to know about the particular build. You must study about every little part so that you do not face any problem while working with it. This will require patience and dedication but once you are done with the process it will build huge confidence in you for the perfect maintenance of your fishing reel.

You may not find it very pleasing to go through the whole manual, but it is certainly worth the effort. Without this effort you may be able to easily dismantle the fishing reel, but find yourself helpless while assembling it. The condition may become worse in case you misplace any part and force to fit it there. This may eventually damage the whole fishing reel without you even realizing the damage. So being precautious here can save a lot of trouble.

Gather everything you need:

Before starting the real work you must gather everything essential for the work. This will become a part of the routine after a few times, but during the first few encounters you must follow strict order. This is a short list of items that you must have during the maintenance process:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Tweezers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Lubricants
  • Hot water
  • Soft rags
  • Cotton swabs
  • Brush (a toothbrush will also do)

This is pretty much everything to get started. Once you have gathered them you can start the main part.

Invest enough time:

Investing enough time will make sure you have the best standard of the maintenance work. If you rush through the process, then it will not only hamper the quality of your work, but also include the risk of damaging your spinning reel. During the assembling part take more time to ensure the best result.

Finish the work at one shot:

Human beings are created in a way to focus on a single task and perform it properly but we all believe that we can multitask. Multitasking slows the process of the works that we engage ourselves and also sacrifices the quality of the work. Liberate yourself from the wrong idea of multitasking and focus in a single task. Make sure you are not distracted during the process and complete the task at one sitting. Multiple sitting may lead you in such situation where you do not remember the state of your work and mess the whole thing up. You must avoid this mess at any cost.

The Real part:

It is time to get your hands dirty and do the real work. The above mentioned steps are equally important because they will make sure you do everything right in this part.  So do not let the name of this step confuse you. This step can be further broken down into three main steps like dismantling, cleaning and assembling the spinning reel. You must ensure the perfect amount of concentration while doing these steps.

During the dismantling session make sure you do not lose any part. Make a list or an order to keep the parts in front of you. This will keep every little parts in check and guarantee that you do not end up losing them or misplacing them while finishing up the work. After properly dismantling the Best spinning reel start the cleaning part. Clean the whole thing thoroughly to get the best result. Apply your knowledge while cleaning the fishing reel. The design of the fishing reel ensures that no metal parts touches each other.

Final Words:

They are designed to touch fabrics and this design increases the lifetime of the product. Use custom lubricants while cleaning the gear and the bearings. Clean them one by one. Do not use any harmful substance while cleaning it, for example gasoline. This will gradually damage the whole thing that you don’t intend to do at all. Finally, it is time to put everything back together. If you have done everything as instructed, then this will just be a piece of cake for you. That was everything you needed to know to enjoy your spinning reel just like a brand new one and of course to use it for an extended long period of time.

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How To Maintain A Spinning Reel

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