How to Wash a Car Cover

Car covers protect your car from weather factors such as the sun, wind, snow, and rain. It also protects your car from dirt and dust ensuring your interior remains nice, clean and dry.

As your car cover ensures your car surface is safe, clean and looking new, they become dirty and dusty with time. Therefore, as you clean your car, it is important to remember to clean your car cover regularly. But how do you wash your car cover?

Before you start cleaning your cover, you need to understand the best way to clean it. There are various factors that will determine the method you need to use to clean your car cover. It is important to follow the recommended options so as to not damage your car cover.

Here is a list of the common types of car covers and the cleaning method recommended:

Type Material Wash Style
Covercraft Noah Car Cover Polypropylene Commercial wash and Air Dry
Covercraft Dustop Car Cover Polypropylene Blend Commercial wash and Air Dry
CoverKing Storm Proof Car Cover Neoprene Blend Machine Wash and Air Dry
Covercraft Weather Shield HP Car Cover Silicone Hand Wash and Air Dry
CoverKing Satin Stretch Car Cover Satin/ Lyrca Blend Hand Wash and Air Dry


Another easy way to determine how to clean your car cover is to read the manufacturer’s instructions. This is usually on the inside lining of your fabric. After understanding the make and fabric of your car cover, you can now know how to clean, according to the recommended options.

How to Clean your Car Cover

There are four techniques which you can use to clean your car cover:

  • Dusting
  • Machine wash
  • Hand/Bucket wash
  • Over the car washing
  1. Dusting

Aside from washing your car with water, you may also need to regularly dust it off. This will depend on how often you use the car cover and the weather conditions at the time. Dusting off your car cover will give you an easier time when you decide to clean it with water.

You can dust off the car cover with a clean dry cloth. Dusting it when the cover is spread over the surface of the car will enable you to dust it better and easily reach all areas that need dusting.

  1. Machine Cleaning

In order to safely clean a car cover using a washing machine, you would require using a commercial size washing machine. This is because of the large size of most car covers. It recommended that you never use a washing a machine with a center agitator because this can rip and tear your car cover.

For machine wash observe the following steps:

Step 1: Place the cover in a commercial washing machine. Add your choice of gentle cleaner. Fill the washer with warm or cold water depending on instructions from the manufacturer.

Step 2: Put the washing machine on gentle mode and start the washer.

Step 3: Once this is done, put the machine on rinse while still in delicate mode. You can do this several times to ensure it is rinsed thoroughly.

Step 4: Drain off the water and remove the car cover. Place it on a hanging line to air dry. It is not recommended to machine dry your cover as this may be too harsh and ruin the cover.

  1. Bucket/ Hand Wash

This kind of washing would require a large bucket of water. Next, pour in a cup full of liquid detergent and mix it thoroughly in the water allowing it to foam. Then place the car cover inside the soap solution and using a sponge gently rub the surface of the cover making sure to try and touch all areas of the cover by turning it consistently.

Once you are done, ring the cover gently and place it on the side. Pour out the soapy water and refill the bucket with clean water. Rinse the car cover 2 to 3 times more until all the soap has been washed off. Air dry the car cover when you are done.

  1. On Car Washing

This is an easy process and the following basic steps will come in handy when you decide to wash your car cover while it is still spread over the car.

Step 1: Spread your car cover over your car in an open space. Make sure all edges are spread out nicely.

Step 2: Spray a considerable amount of water over the car cover. It is recommended you use a hose for even distribution and to remove any dust. You could also use a bucket if a hose is not available.

Step 3: Put water in a bucket and add a handle of gentle detergent and mix this solution until it foams.

Step 4: Using a sponge or a washcloth, spread the soap solutions on the car cover in a gentle rubbing motion. Do this over the whole surface of the car cover including the edges.

Step 5: Rinse off the soap quickly once you are done by spraying it with clean water from a hose or pouring a bucket of water over the car cover. Once you are done, you can also turn the car cover inside out and clean the underside, afterward leave it on the car to dry in a non- dusty area.


Why is it important to clean your car cover? Regularly cleaning of your car cover is important so as to give a longer life. When you want to remove the car cover, do so by rolling it off. This will prevent the transfer of dirt or dust on to your car. Also ensure you choose the right type of car cover for your car, depending on where you plan to store it; whether indoors or outdoors. In the outdoor weather will encounter diverse conditions such as wind, snow, rain, sun -rays and an all-weather car cover would be recommended. However, for indoor car storage, any type of cover may be good, however, ensure you regular dust off the car cover.

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